NY to Provide Emergency Relief to SMBs Impacted by Looting

State and city officials have announced that relief will be provided to New York small businesses that have been impacted by the looting and vandalism that has taken place statewide in recent days.

Mayor Bill de Blasio explained that the relief is designed especially for “those small business owners who scrapped and saved and built a small business, many of them immigrants living the American dream. Today, we announce support for them.”

The Emergency Relief program will provide grants of up to $10,000 per business to help with recovery, including repairs security systems, locks, and more. Mayor de Blasio explained their help goes beyond grants and cash assistance, the city will also provide “legal help, help getting their insurance. Whatever helps to get them back on their feet.”

On the same note, governor Andrew Cuomo stated that looters should not be confused with protesters who have been taking┬ápart in demonstrations and marches demanding racial justice and an end to police brutality. He added that he has asked the Department of Financial Services (DFS), which regulates the insurance industry, “to direct insurers to expedite all claims for all looted businesses, free mediation services, to accept photos as proof.”

Original article published by NBC New York

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