Responsible and Smart Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world faces the Coronavirus pandemic, brands must take action to protect their business and employees with a sense of tact, mindful marketing, and empathy. Keep in mind that during any crisis brands will either help or aid the collective experience.

The quarantine has affected not only the way we live but the way we shop, the way we communicate, and everything we do. We’ve seen some brands take action and modify their marketing plan to take advantage of this situation, but we’ve also seen many small business owners struggle to decide whether it’s a good time to invest in marketing or not.

INC has shared some tips to help you create a responsible and smart marketing plan during this unusual situation.

Tips for Responsible and Smart Marketing During Coronavirus

1. Adjust scheduled content timelines and marketing campaigns

The first step for a brand to consider is what is currently running or in the pipeline, including pre-scheduled content that is set to launch soon. During this audit, consider the following:

  • Determine what to pause right now
  • Consider what to pivot or prioritize

The good news is that taking a break from content may provide an advantage after things get back to normal. Right now, it’s a good idea for you to prepare for upcoming cultural moments (i.e., post-quarantine) and figure out what content will be most impactful and relevant then.

2. Evaluate the language and imagery being used

There’s no question that visual communication is powerful, along with the words that are used. It’s crucial to think about what type of message your brand is conveying. Some things to look at and consider changing include:

  • Remove or avoid the use of visuals where people or crowds are touching
  • Reframe your marketing language that may describe a close interaction with others
  • Swap out your visuals if needed

Take some time to see what changes you can make that would be beneficial to the crisis right now.

3. Don’t try to capitalize on the crisis

This is applicable to any crisis or tragedy, but it is especially important to remember in the existing climate where fear and worry are top of mind. While it’s a good idea to keep people informed about how the crisis is affecting the business, make sure you aren’t spread panic or become an alarmist.

When it comes to marketing through this crisis, keeping the tips and information here in mind can be invaluable. Being informed is the best way to ensure you are able to make it through this crisis unscathed and that your customers see your efforts during this difficult time.

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